The M-DESK F3 HUB (USB 3.0) will provide everything you need to better organize your desk while also bringing more connectivity to your setup with its multiple USB and audio ports.
Sleek,Sturdy & Useful
Tired of running out of space on your office desk? Fed up with troubles to plug or unplug USB devices every single time? Worry no more! M-Desk F3,the sleek and sturdy monitor/laptop stand will save it all!
Better View Angle, Bigger Workspace
M-Desk F3 Raises up the monitor or laptop to provide a more comfortable view angle. Meanwhile all the mainstream keyboards(including large gaming keyboards) can fit in the room under the stand, which makes it easier to manage workspace
*Measured when the conner sits 60cm away from the monitor
Power Button Migrated for Your Convenience
Just in one simple step, the power button of your PC is transferred to the M-desk F3.You can then just hide your PC tower, and enjoy the convenience and extra space.
Easier Access to USB and Audio Ports
No more wire mess. No more difficult reaching. M-Desk F3 makes your access to USB and audio ports easier than ever
Authentic USB 3.0 Speed
Optimized HUB design guarantees you an ultrafast data transmission and charging speed.
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Luminant Ports and Button
All the ports and button are designed to be luminant so you can plug/unplug easily while keeping enjoying the darkness.
Sleek and Sturdy
With finely processed surface and super solid material, the F3 stand is a both fashionable and reliable companion of your monitor, laptop or All-in-one computer.
M-DESK F3 HUB (USB 3.0) Manual.pdf

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